Registration Open. Last Date is 11th July 2019

Bhaktivedanta Institute feels immense delight in announcing about the 5th season of Summer school. The School’s dates are from 12 – 14 July 2019, and the venue is Rabindra Tirtha Complex, New Town, Kolkata. The theme of this Summer School is “Mathematics and Spirituality”.

SS2019 FINAL 18 may RGB Reg ends 11 july


The intent of this School is to kindle the spirit of seeking the absolute nature of reality along with snippets of guidance from a mathematical point of view. Mathematics is wonderful tool we humans use to explore those parts of Nature that we cannot reach with our ordinary eyes, or even with instruments like telescope or microscope. Using simple symbols, equations and curves, different branches of mathematics take us deep into the secrets of nature. But how closer to Reality can mathematics take us to? Can the concepts used in exact sciences be sufficient enough to describe and provide us a complete picture of Reality? Or are there inbuilt limits in different branches of Mathematics such as Algebra, Topology, Number Theory, Geometry, Analysis etc.? What about the various mysterious numbers in mathematics such as ‘i’ or ‘e’, which we use but don’t comprehend? How about ∞? What about higher dimension spaces in Topology that we so often deal with but that are beyond any physical experimentation? Do the gifts and limits in various sub-branches of Mathematics over the past 200 years provide us a glimpse into Divinity?

What is the relation between Logic and Thought? There are many schools of thought on this. While some will say that logic is existing naturally in the universe to be discovered by our thoughts, others say that logic doesn’t exist (naturally) but is rather an artifact of our thought process. And there are others who say that logic is neither natural nor invented but is merely a tool that works (imperfectly) to facilitate thinking. Some claim that our evolution depends on the growth of our capacity to be logical.  In the midst of this quandary between Logic and thoughts, stands a third figure ‘I’, the upholder of thoughts and Logic . Who is He? What is the structure of a thought and what makes ‘I’ to be aware of its thoughts?

Could the beautiful mathematical knowledge give us hints about SOUL, GOD, mind, which had been attempted by Gödel, Pascal, Gauss, Ramanujan? And what about virtues in human beings such as humility, purpose, forgiveness etc. which we always crave for but are unable to have as much as we desire. Can Mathematics help us to explore with these?

The present summer school aims to humbly explore some of these questions. The school shall be comprising of insightful presentations and classes, activities, and thought-provoking discussions and interactions. We request you to book your dates for this wonderful occasion and this way benefit yourself with wonderful facts and us with your association.